Dr. Anjali Choudhary MD

I started my practice 17 years ago with the belief that a primary care physician should be a one stop resource for all of a person’s health needs.

Chandan Mishra

Hello Dr. Anjali,

I would like to share that I live in India & I have more than 15 years of experience in Medical billing. I understand the challenges faced by Providers/Hospitals when it comes to billing needs. A good amount of revenue is lost every year due to wrong billing and the wrong denial management approach. Providers hire the finest billing companies but still after the passage of some time they feel that the level of service they are getting is not satisfactory. I am sure you might have also faced similar problems with different billing companies.

There are reasons involved over why providers face this issue and what certain measures should be taken to overcome these issues. All this we can discuss later if we plan to work together.

If you are interested in letting me help you with your denial management & billing needs then please write me back so we can plan for a virtual meeting. I can assure you that if we work together then within a specific duration of time you will see considerable growth in your revenue & all this is not merely talking but would be visible in our work.

Looking forward to having a never-ending work relationship with you and trust me when I say “never-ending” I very much mean it so please think about this and let me know the outcome.

Contact : +91- 95016-88927