Policy & Procedures

Prescribing Medications

Controlled substances are only prescribed during an office visit in accordance with NJ law. All new prescriptions also require an office visit. If we prescribe a recurring medication at your visit, we will ask you to schedule a follow-up visit for additional refills. Set this visit up prior to leaving the office or at least one week prior to running out of medication. Refills cannot be continued if you have not come for a follow-up visit.

Referral/ PreAuthorization

If your insurance requires a referral or pre-authorization to see a specialist or schedule a procedure, please notify our front desk on portal or voicemail at least 2 business days prior to your appointment for processing. We will need your information, the specialist’s information (insurance ID/fax number), and the date/reason for the visit. If your doctor has not ordered the referral, we will need to have you come in for an appointment

Financial Policy