Dr. Anjali Choudhary MD

I started my practice 17 years ago with the belief that a primary care physician should be a one stop resource for all of a person’s health needs.


Dear Anjali,

Hello, nice to e-meet you.
We are Celltrion USA Inc. located in NJ and I’m contacting you to introduce our product, DiatrustTM, COVID-19 Ag Rapid Testing Kit (POC).
DiatrustTM POC has obtained EUA from FDA on April 16 2021 and it can get fast and precise results in 15 minutes. For the detailed product specification, please refer to the product web-page.
This product has already been supplied to several distributors or CLIA LABs, but we would like to suggest an opportunity to purchase at a special discounted price for CLIA LABs located in New Jersey.
You will be able to purchase this product at a lower price than the COVID-19 testing kit (POC) you are currently purchasing. If you are interested in our offer, please reply to my email.

Best regards,
Matthew (Hyuk Joon) Moon
Manager | Sales Business
1 Evertrust Plaza Suite 1207, Jersey City, NJ 07302, US
Tel : 82-10-9369-3989
Fax : 1-201-603-6767

Celltrion USA, Inc.